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Black Mirror (series 3) Drama Netflix House of Tomorrow
Taskmaster (series 2) Comedy Dave Avalon TV (Avalon)
The Met (series 2) Factual BBC1 BBC In-House Production
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In another bumper year for British distributors, revenues increased to £1.1bn, with figures for the five biggest players alone a combined 10% on last year. To see the full table for the Distributor Survey 2013, click here.

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On Air This Week

Title Channel Transmission Date
The Nick ITV 2 September 2015
Best Bakes Ever BBC2 21 September 2015
Bad Robots (series 2) E4 25 August 2015
Educating Cardiff Channel 4 25 August 2015
Fried BBC3 25 August 2015
Taskmaster Dave 28 July 2015
The Trials Of Jimmy Rose ITV 30 August 2015
Flock Stars ITV 30 July 2015

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