Name Dist T/Over (£m) April 2017 Dist T/Over (£m) April 2016 % Change Top Selling Progs Int Sales (£m) UK Sales (£m) Hours of programming in catalogue % of catalogue from third-party producers
Orange Smarty 1.90 0.73 160.00% Place In The Sun; House Of Hypochondriacs; Stacey Dooley 1.90 1,041 100.00%
Entertainment One 225 384.20 100.90% The Walking Dead, Designated Survivor, Cardinal - - 5,650 45.00%
Kew Media Group 38.60 22.40 72.00% 31.50 7.10 6,000 55.00%
Sky Vision 51.70 33.20 56.00% Fortitude; Riviera; Britannia 6,000 83.00%
Cake Entertainment 8.10 5.60 44.60% Bottersnikes & Gumbles; Total Drama Island; Angelo Rules 6.50 1.60 650 80.00%

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