Name T/Over (£m) 16 T/Over (£m) 15 % Change UK T/over (£m) % of total Key shows Prog Hours FT Staff
Tuesday’s Child 5.10 3.32 53.60% 4.70 92.20% You’re Back In The Room; For What It’s Worth; Sean Conway: On The Edge 45 8
Films of Record (Zinc Media) 1.90 2.40 -20.80% 1.90 100.00% Your Child in Their Hands: Kids’ Hospital; The Billion Pound Flower Market 10 3
Renowned Films 0.50 0.30 66.70% 0.50 100.00% Women Who Kill Lions; Random Acts; NYPD: Biggest Gang In New York? 6 6
Off The Fence 13 14.43 -9.90% 4.50 34.60% Wildest Indonesia; Wildest Europe; Destination Wild; Strange World; Naledi 30 20
Lupus Films 2.17 - 2.17 100.00% We’re Going On A Bear Hunt; Ethel And Ernest; The Hive 4.50 6

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